Just got back from Angelfire (AWESOME)! I always come back a better rider, however, riding some of the LONG steep rocky/rooty, turning sections on the upper part of Supreme DH always messes with me. This year was better than last.

How the heck do you ride that part (OR long steep rock/rooty, turning sections) without feeling like your walking the crash line the whole way? I always crash on the upper steep stuff (just once this year). Is that just how it is with long ugly descents?

I've rode it 2 ways (with a more agressive stance this year):

1- using both brakes on and off (mostly keeping about 25% on both or I'd go WAY too fast). Mostly front, seemed to have better control, but, still had a couple OH SH#@ spots and still had the feeling there's no way to stop or slow down enough if I screw up...crash is the only way to stop.

2- hard braking on and off maybe about 5% on all the time. This way put me on the line of scary speed and the feeling of no way I'm gonna slow down with any brakes if I pick a wrong line. I would get going so fast any braking would skid and I'd lose control. No braking would slow me down.

Any advise on this kinda stuff?