My wife and I have been using the bionic neck brace for about a year now. It is one of those items you buy and hope you never have to use. Well this weekend i watched my wife take a nasty spill and saw first hand how well these neck braces work. We where at Mountain Creek bike park and she went high side over the bike and fell about 8' right on top of her head.
The helmet she was wearing is trashed and the neck brace actually split at the rear pivot point. If it wasnt for the neck brace i honestly think she would have broken her neck. Instead she was able to get up and walk out. She has a hematoma on her hip and some other bruises and her neck and shoulders are sore but thats it. I know there are may people who cant decide whether or not neck brace are worth it. I can tell you first hand that they are and I will never ride DH again without one.