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Thread: 27.5 DH bike?

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    Santa Crus new Carbon V10 650 wheel...amazing

    one might want to think about this....when the military had scientist do a study on bike wheels in the late 1800's early 1900's...they found the 650 wheel the best for bike riding

    IDK....I love my 26
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    Specialized S-Works Demo looks really sweet but Ratboy Killed it on the new Santa Cruz V10, what to choose? aaarrrrgggghhhh!! what to do!

    27.5 DH bike?-syndicate_v10_msa_profile.jpg

    27.5 DH bike?-2015specializeds-worksdemo.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by cookieMonster View Post
    ^^There is very little difference between a 26" wheeled bike and a "27.5" wheeled bike (The reason I put 27.5" in quotations is that they don't really measure 27.5" -- they're smaller). And 29" bikes handle like schoolbusses. Don't let anyone convince you that these new designs are magic and will make you faster.

    I'm kind of in the same boat as you, I bought a 26" Specialized SX Trail in 2013 (2012 model). It is a phenomenal bike -- the best I've ever owned. But now it's worthless on resale because it's 26" (not that I want to sell it now, but eventually I'll need to replace it). Your experience with the Specialized rep is the same as I've experienced with most bike shop employees lately -- they act as if you can hardly make it down the mountain on a 26" wheeled bike. That's funny because every 27.5/29er rider I've seen in the last 3 years has been SLOOOOOOOOW as hell....

    I'm all for technological advances, but the bike industry is out of control. I have a good friend who has been in the industry (he manufactures high-end aftermarket components) for quite a few years now and he says the same thing a lot of us are thinking -- the big companies keep changing things, for better or worse, just to sell more product. They have to to stay as big as they are. The worst part is that "old" tech gets phased out so fast/often that you're basically FORCED to keep "upgrading" your bike if you want to keep any equity in that bike. I don't know about anyone else, but when I get a new bike, I have to rely on the sale of my old one to take as big of a chunk as possible out of the new one's price. I can't cough up $5000 every 3 years, sorry, bike industry. Call me a Luddite, but nobody NEEDS big wheels.
    Very well stated cookieMonster. When it comes down to it I could really care less what the industry says. I'm out riding my 26" wheel bikes and having a blast. I'll likely demo a 650b when one of my LBS's has a demo day at some sort of trail system. I really want to see what they are like but I'm in no hurry to jump in and buy one.

    It sucks how all my 26" bikes and wheel sets got de-valued by the bike industry and are hard to sell on craiglist,etc. But, what ever, the industy can be pushers all they want but not everyone is going out to buy a 27.5". One of the guys at my LBS was acting the same way when I talked to him about 26"'s. He was like, pfftt, I don't see anybody on 26"ers anymore. Whatever!

    If I were to guess, I'd say at least 50% of the bikes people are riding are still 26"ers.

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    [QUOTE=Trekbro;11383612]what to choose? aaarrrrgggghhhh!! what to do!

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    Are any of you qualifying for a WC? If you spend 15 years saying you have the best suspension while never changing it you run out of improvements to make. Then a kid named Dave Weagle comes along and designs a suspension thats 3x as good as the garbage you bought off another company. Your only hope to squeeze more sales out of it is a rim thats .75 inches taller per side.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trekbro View Post
    what to choose? aaarrrrgggghhhh!! what to do!

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    ^ This.
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