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    ***Chain Reaction 5 Trailer***

    Exclusively at is the new trailer for DH Productions Chain Reaction 5. It's right up front on the main page. For all you lazy bums here is a direct link:

    some insaaaane footage in that teaser, like Chase gapping a driveway and throwing a sick flatty, or Lenosky doing a huge wallride over a store front....and check out Larsypoo pedaling through a's not a dirtbike!!!!

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    Chain Reaction 5 Premiere Preview

    For all of you going to the Sea Otter Classic. There is going to be a Preview Premiere Party hosted by VAS Entertainment, TruVativ, Lizard Skins, MTBR and Bike Magazine that will show 20 minutes of this film. This should be Don's best work to date.

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    Looks pimpin. One of my buddies works in the same department with the film maker for this. I'm stoked to check it out, the others have been pretty pimpin'!

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