• 03-29-2016

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    Hello Deslock. Where you buy ityour Diamondbacks? On line?


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    See other thread for Catch 2 details.

    Found the 2015 Interval Carbon on Ebay. The listing mentions free shipping if you buy directly from their website (only small and medium available).
  • 06-24-2016
    Bought a 27.5 Overdrive off Amazon after jumping back into riding. Loved it for what it is. Got the itch to upgrade and sold it to a buddy who is also getting back in the game. Have an Overdrive Comp on the way!
  • 06-30-2016
    Ordered a Release 1 last night. Should be here next week.


    - Good reviews of the platform. Not "best bike of all time" but most praise it to be a good climber for what it is (150/130 trail/AM bike) and a very fun descender.
    - I could sit on one at local REI to confirm size. (I'm lucky to live in Denver where REI actually carries their nicer bikes.)
    - Entry level component spec looks "good enough" (Yari/Monarch Debonair/2x Sram GX/Hydro brakes) for someone who is not racing or getting insanely aggressive on the downhill. And you get the same frame and wheel set across the builds.
    - The Big One: Value and Price. DB's corporate discount is huge and available to many of us government employees. This made it a bike I could buy now rather than waiting until winter (when I get distracted by skiing.)
    - I wanted to buy new, FS, ~150mm trail bike. New for warranty issues and modern tech. Because of the price, DB was possible. Otherwise I'd be looking at 2-3 year old used bikes for a similar price.

    and finally...

    - My current 1995 hardtail is a DBR Axis Ti. Not really brand loyal but it's a cool perk.
  • 06-30-2016
    Just an FYI but if anyone has a 3point5 or Perksatwork.com account all of the diamond back bikes are 50%.

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  • 08-20-2016
    Bang for buck, spec for dollar. I also have a corporate perks discount at my work and the pricing is good. Diamondback has a decent line up from entry hard tails to down hill rides and they have several specs to cover most riders needs. I can get a basic hard tail 29r for $360 delivered, when similar bikes are closer to $500 mark at local bike shop. We have an atroz comp and a mission 1 in our stable and been happy with them. If your considering a mission, what are you waiting for? Great all mountain ride and has been putting up my 250lbs on the trail and local dirt jumps. The atroz has had a few warranty claims ( more from abuse on my sons part vs a quality issue), but diamond back has gone above and beyond in my customer service situations.
  • 08-24-2016
    Honestly, I'm really not sure...

    When I decided I wanted to buy a full suspension bike for trail riding, the brand Diamondback was just kind of in the back of my mind for some reason. Did some research and landed on the 2011 Mission 1. I got it in 2012 on Amazon for a little under $1900 after tax. I believe it retailed for $2400 when it was brand new.

    I still have it and it has only done me well. Just started getting into DH park riding and its still holding up just fine. All I did was upgrade to a shorter 50mm stem and wider bars for better control. Oh and also threw a dropper post on it for convenience.
  • 08-24-2016
    Recently bought a 2016 DB Hook. Like everyone else the price caught my eye and I just wanted a decent entry level bike. I got what I paid for and now I'm looking to upgrade a bunch of parts. Which, I don't actually mind. Gives me reason to find out more about bikes (mechanically and geometrically). So far I haven't done a lot of upgrades but if anyone would like me to if be happy to post about them. I've taken it to a few trails here around NC. No matter how painful it is to be riding up and down a trail with an 8-speed it's still a bunch of fun and I love it.

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  • 08-25-2016
    For me, price and recommendations. Also, available on Amazon (I had credit from a past fiasco).
  • 08-31-2016
    I bought a Diamondback Atroz Comp full suspension bike about 4 months ago.. I got into this sport in Jan and did not want to break the bank on my new interest. I was told I could not get a decent full suspension bike for under $3000 by all. I paid $1300 shipped from American Bike Company. I love this bike.I am not embarrassed at all at the trails. In fact I get plenty of compliments. This bike is the best bang for the buck out there and I could care less about resale value.
  • 09-23-2016
    Bang for the Buck!
    I've been searching for a newer 29er to replace my old 26er. I'm from the old school and I usually like to have all XT. But with the current trend of superbike prices, the average price of a bike spec'd like this will run around $3000 or more. So I was forced to look at lower spec'd, but quality, bikes to stay within a reasonable budget. I found a great deal on a 2015 Overdrive Pro with SLX cranks, shifters, XT rear derailleur, and Deore hydro brakes. But, what initially caught my attention and attracted me to the bike was the fastback style shape of the frame. It looks like the Intense Hard Eddie frame. I loved that classic rounded top tube to rear stays shape! That was the hook. But then I noticed all you got in the specs for the price. It also comes with a so so Fox 32 Evo fork, but I should be able to upgrade the damper. The wheels also will eventually need to be replaced with something lighter, but that's OK for $1000. You can't beat that deal!

    DB has been around for a while. I remember when they were boutique with the BMX scene in the 80's. In order to stay alive, they had to sell cheaper bikes to the big box stores. Its not like you're going to sell a million $5000 bikes to the general public. Mongoose did the same thing, but they don't have nearly as many high end bikes available.

    All these frames are made in some factory(s) in China anyway so it does not bothered at all by seeing a DB in Walmart. I appreciate them for making a great bike at an affordable price. The big bike manufactures have lost their minds with current pricing. This Overdrive may not be the lightest or have all the latest features like internal cable routing, BOOST spacing, and convertible dropouts, but its a quality bike that should last a long time and is upgradeable. There are people out there who love bikes and mountain biking who cannot justify or afford to spend $3000 to $5000 on a bike. At this price, even if I don't love the bike, I can swap the parts to a new frame. You really can't loose.

    So, that's why I'm ordering a DB Overdrive Pro. Best bang for the buck!
  • 09-24-2016
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    It was cheap and it was a mountain bike.
    2003(ish) Vectra Sport.
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    It also put me off mtb'ing for several years as it was too light in the front for seated climbing.

    But as a single speed with SiD Race forks, carbon bars, oval ring, tubeless rims and tyres, XT hydro brakes...
    Yeah baby!
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  • 10-29-2016
    LMR Sahara
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  • 02-01-2017
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    By accident really

    When my Merida AM500D got stolen I found a used 2009 Scapegoat frame on ebay within my budget so I bought it as a temporary replacement with the intention to replace it once the insurance came through
    Once I'd ridden it I changed my mind as it was just too good to part with. When the replacement bike came through I swapped most of the parts across to the Scapegoat & sold the remainder.

    I rode & upgraded it over the next 6 years until it too got stolen. I bought a 2016 Specialized Enduro Elite 650b to replace it but it just wasn't as good so I've just built up a 2014 Mission which rides so much better.

    Will stick to this for the forseeable future.

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    Updated build, SRAM X01 Shifter & Mech, Kore Torsion Bars, Black Rockshox Lyrik & Superstar Slackerizer to slacken headset by 2 degrees

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    Rockshox reverb & Rockshox Monarch RC3 Plus fitted too. The forks have a modified Totem damper in them. This thing is fast & capable and so balanced over big jumps.

    Here's my old Scapegoat which was great till some scrote nicked it

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  • 04-01-2017
    Bang for the buck. I had a strict $1500 budget, need FS due to injuries, and the Atroz Comp specs out the best at that price point.
  • 04-20-2017
    I've always wanted the Mission that was at my LBS, my friend got it brand new back in '12 and i bought it for $200 (well, $100 + a ZB) last summer, i've replaced everything and its the best bike i've ever ridden, i can't feel any bumps, small or big while riding it, now i wouldn't mind getting my hands on a "newer" Mission that has a tapered headtube instead of 1 1/8"

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  • 05-11-2017
    Best Spec'd Bikes for the Money
    Just got a 2017 Mason Trail. Sweet bike, great price with a discount. Bought from Diamondback directly, chose free shipping but bike arrived overnight. Pretty impressive. Also had a few minor issues that were easily resolved by Diamondback customer service. I have a GT, Giant and now a Diamondback, and I would buy another one.
  • 06-09-2017
    2017 Sync'r Pro

    I wanted:
    - 27.5 or 27.5+ hardtail
    - 2K-2.5K budget
    - less than 67 degree front end and short chainstays
    - Threaded bottom bracket
    - Shimano 1x
    - Medium travel high end fork
    - Metal frame
    - Boost rear end

    I looked at lots of bikes: Marin Pine Mountain 2, the Marin Nail Trail 7, the Cannondale Beast of the East, a custom Surly Karate Monkey build and the Specialized Fuse 6 Fattie. In the end I discovered the Sync'r Pro which ticked all the boxes. I tested the sizes at my local performance (the DB Line has the same frame and they had both a medium and large in stock). I was set to order the Sync'r Pro from Performance at $2K, then I discovered the corporate code. I wound up paying 1,454. Ordered the bike on Sunday, got it on Tuesday. Took it out of the box, love it. Best bike buying experience ever.

    IMO, if you look at DB's mountain bike line up these days, they're really competitive.
  • 06-21-2017
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    Attachment 1143017Attachment 1143018After lengthy research and debate I finally bought my first Diamondback last year (2016 Catch 2 27.5+ FS) and I never looked back. I was a Giant guy (Trance X, XTC 29er, Trance X0 29er) and have other brands (2 Cannondales, Specialized, Jamis, KHS, Leader). I love my Diamondback Catch so much that a couple of months ago I got the 2017 Mason Pro (27.5+ Hardtail). Dollar for dollar you can't beat the value. I still have a Giant gravel bike and a Motobecane fat bike but if they ever need to be replaced I would definitely replace them with Diamondbacks. 2 of my friends each wanted gravel bikes and one of them got the Haanjo Comp and the other got the Haanjo Trail Carbon and they both love their bikes.
    I ordered mine right from Diamondback but there are better prices on eBay if you look hard enough.
  • 06-24-2017
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    After a couple years hiatus, following back to back foot injuries, the old man is coming back. Just bought the 2017 Mission 1 and approaching 50, I expect it'll likely be the last bike I need- it's probably more than I need but I couldn't pass up the deal.

    At $3K MSRP, it wasn't happening. Not even at $2500 retail. Thru D'back it was $2K on sale, and they handed out a 2 day deal for an extra 20% including setup and delivery by Beeline. I sprung. $1599, with 0% 6 month loan through Affinity...easier to let my wife know if she happens to notice it!
    I take delivery and set up in just a couple more days and though it's still too hot to ride here around Phoenix, I'm stoked to be getting back in the saddle and maybe retiring my Overdrive. It's still in great shape considering I've been on it a lot over the last few years and I've never weighed in less than about 220#. Maybe I keep it to ride to the mailbox...
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  • 07-02-2017
    I guess I would add...in talking to my mechanic, I mentioned that the DBack tends to be a "less pretentious" choice for a recreational rider like me, and he chuckled in agreement pointing out the component quality that is shared throughout the industry, but also that DBack- like other companies on up to the "high end"- have their frames sourced from the same places.

    For example:
    Brands also manufactured by Kinesis include Commencal, Diamondback Bicycles, Felt Bicycles, GT Bicycles, Haro, Ideal, Jamis, K2, Kona, Kross, Raleigh, Redline Bicycles, Santa Cruz Bicycles, Schwinn, Storck, Sunn, Titus Cycles, Torker, and Trek[4] as well as the brands marketed by the U.S. company Bikesdirect.com: Motobecane USA, Dawes USA, Cycles Mercier, Windsor America.
  • 07-03-2017
    Exactly. Bang for the buck you can't beat Diamondback.
  • 09-17-2017
    I bought my Overdrive last year from Sports Authority when they were going out business.
    I contemplated getting a MB for years but kids life etc all got in the the way.
    I loved biking back in the day on BMX bikes and regret waiting so long.
    Anyway I'm now itching for something a little more competent now that I've found some good trails. I can still hang with guys on much more expensive bikes so I guess it's not just the bike.

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  • 09-21-2017

    Originally Posted by BigKahuna View Post
    I don't own a Diamondback, but I've considered it. I can get one cheap, I work at a store that sells the brand. And the price is VERY tempting. But I've yet to find one anywhere that I can demo one. We never get the Mission in stock, and that's the bike I'm most interested in. The Overdrive is our big seller, it and the Response XE (budget hardtail). I have a tendency to ride a bike for a while, and if I don't absolutely love it, sell it and move along. And I have to admit that reselling a Diamondback worries me. People generally associate the name with sub $500 bikes as that's what most retailers seem to carry and sell the most of (REI, Performance, Dicks). So I worry I would not be able to sell the bike, even after buying it at a huge discount. That may seem petty, but it's MY concern. Otherwise, I don't have many doubts about the bikes themselves. I just want to demo one fist.

    I actually bought a Response XE from w00t a few years back when my Gary Fisher was stolen. I hate to say it (since I loved my Gary Fisher) but the Response XE is miles above what I had. As for selling it, I could care less. I'll ride it until it dies, then rebuild it into something else.
  • 09-21-2017
    I didn't read other responses but I figure mine is similar to most of the others....but it was because of value. Show me another bike as well equipped as the Release 3 for $2200. And it's not just a Bikes Direct Chinese knockoff using frame geo and tech that's 5+ years old. DB actually does so some R&D from my understanding and the bike is current spec with boost front and rear, short stays, slacker front, and uses a Level Link rear suspension built off the tried and true VPP rear suspension platform.

    Now that's not to say the low price didn't come without some compromise. And that was in the form of what seems to be poor quality control. At least with the Catch and Release line of bikes. They appear to be riddled with some issues and my first bike was certainly one of the ones that had problems. But DB customer service is pretty good and they were quick to help get things sorted out and now I'm on a bike that's working well so far.
  • 09-21-2017
    Darth Lefty
    Mine was the very cheapest example of an up-to-date full suspension mountain bike that I could find, with all the latest style and doodads. Although the Nashbar version is heavy and has simpler suspenders with fewer dials, the only feature absent was a dropper post. There were some, notably BD, with similar value for their build, but the Catch-Release-Clutch are au courant as of 2016, and they have a super efficient linkage design and much better graphic design.

    The Clutch was also on deeper sale, having apparently a $300 discount at the top line for being a "girl bike" and then a good discount for sale day and Active Junky refund. Net price south of $1200. Amazing!

    Eyes open about QC like Nubster said.
  • 09-21-2017
    What types of QC issues were you guys experiencing?

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  • 09-21-2017

    Originally Posted by mathers View Post
    What types of QC issues were you guys experiencing?

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    My bike:
    Metal shavings in the headset cups/bearing.
    Incorrect torque on bolts.
    Misaligned frame where the suspension pivot axles go.
    Bent cassette.
    Damaged paint on downtube.

    First bike was bad enough that instead of just taking care of the issues...DB requested I send them the bike back. Which I did. Worked out for the best really because I changed sizes and the new size is a lot better. So I suppose despite the headache...it was a blessing in disguise as otherwise I would have been stuck with a bike that didn't fit very well.

    Second bike was better but still has the pivot axle issue. That's just something I think will be present on all of them as they were likely manufactured improperly and without much QC. Hopefully with all the complaints and warranty claims DB will remove head from butt and make sure future generations of bikes are better.

    I've seen people claim they had dry bolt threads and bearings. My threads were pretty sparse on the grease but there was at least a tiny bit there. Some people also say their hubs needed adjustments out of the box and loose cassettes.

    These are suppose to be ready to ride bikes, 95% assembled. That part is true. Basically bolt the handlebars on and install the seat post and pedals and it's rideable. But for anyone that want to ensure their bike is truly ready to ride and properly assembled...there's going to be some things that aren't right and that need attention before ever taking a pedal stroke.
  • 09-22-2017
    I emailed them the other day that when I bought my bike almost a month ago I didn't use the 10% off code and they credited my account $160 no questions asked. What a great company to deal with!
  • 10-02-2017
    I'm pretty surprised to have bought my second Diamondback. 16 years ago I bought my first mountain bike. I was in high school and on a slim budget and was looking for something that could handle the abuse I put on it. Basically jumping or dropping anything I could find. I found a ridiculous deal on a Diamondback Reactor Dual, and beat the living crap out of that thing. Somehow it kept ticking so it was a winner. I haven't ridden in years and now wanted to get back into it, but the old bike is far too small so the search began anew.

    I never expected to buy a second Diamondback. The brand seemed to be on it's way down in 2001. But the more research I did, the more I came to Diamondback. The Mason Comp ticked all of the boxes for me, and like everyone else said, the value is just ridiculous. At retail they are a solid deal, but the corporate price just blew everything else away. My Mason Comp is on it's way.
  • 10-03-2017

    Originally Posted by wakeriderof87 View Post
    I'm pretty surprised to have bought my second Diamondback. 16 years ago I bought my first mountain bike. I was in high school and on a slim budget and was looking for something that could handle the abuse I put on it. Basically jumping or dropping anything I could find. I found a ridiculous deal on a Diamondback Reactor Dual, and beat the living crap out of that thing. Somehow it kept ticking so it was a winner. I haven't ridden in years and now wanted to get back into it, but the old bike is far too small so the search began anew.

    I never expected to buy a second Diamondback. The brand seemed to be on it's way down in 2001. But the more research I did, the more I came to Diamondback. The Mason Comp ticked all of the boxes for me, and like everyone else said, the value is just ridiculous. At retail they are a solid deal, but the corporate price just blew everything else away. My Mason Comp is on it's way.

    Awesome. I love my Mason and that is also my second Diamondback.
  • 10-03-2017
    I had the diamondback bmx bikes as a kid and always associated them as a good brand.. I know mongoose and schwinn changed over the years and now they became department store bikes and I didn't see diamondback that way.. so trying to get my girlfriend into riding with me I was doing research and checking prices trying to get a quality bike for her without spending a ton so if she doesn't really get into it I didn't go crazy!! So I found her a bike she likes the look of and it's made well and she is enjoying it!! It's nothing too fancy, just a bike for light trails and bike paths but it will hopefully lead to us getting more riding in together in the future and we will see what she wants next! Maybe another diamondback.. so reputation from my childhood and pricing put a diamondback in my garage..
  • 10-10-2017
    I am new to the forums but a long time reader of MTBR, also a longtime rider from singletrack to freeride, hardtails to full squishies. My current stable includes Konas Specialized, Felt, Sinister, among others ranging in year from 2002 to current.

    I have researched and researched and have decided on either the Mission 2 or the Release 3. This will be my daily go to trail rider here in Northern Austin. You cannot beat the specs on these bikes for the price.

    Now to try and make the decision between the 2. Any help here would be well appreciated.
  • 10-10-2017
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    I absolutely adore my El Oso Grande. It's a keeper.

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  • 11-08-2017
    Values for beginner riders like me.

    btw the overdrive sport 27.5 is only $350 now. 90% sold.

  • 12-06-2017
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    I was searching for a full suspension bike around 2k and found the 2017 Mission 2 at JensonUSA, on sale for around $1900. Compared the specs to other bikes and it seemed like the best value for the $$. Not a ton of reviews out there about it but most were positive. Took a shot and so far it's a killer bike!
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