• 11-02-2012
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    Response 29er first pics!!!!!
  • 11-03-2012
    Diamondback Adult Response XE 29er Mountain Bike 2013 - Dick's Sporting Goods looks like a SMU. I wonder how the frame differs from the Overdrive.
  • 11-03-2012
    26 inch tires.... that should prove interesting.
  • 11-03-2012
    haha yea I think they messed up and put the spec of the Response xe non 29er on there. From the pics above it looks like it comes with wtb wolverines. I bet it will be on a super sale for black friday
  • 11-19-2012
    I'm not getting the same vibes I get when I look at my Sortie 29er...are they even siblings?
  • 11-26-2012
    Anyone know the differences between the basic model overdrive and the Response XE 29er? The response XE is not on the DB website, AFAIKT, so no direct compare function. From looking at the dicks website, some of the differences appear to be (response vs overdrive):
    7 speed vs 8 speed
    straight top tube vs tapered top tube
    lockout vs no lockout fork
    Microshift M20 vs Tourney front derailleur
    Promax vs Tecktro levers
    toe-clip DB vs wellgo alloy pedals

    The Response Xe seems to be very similar to the Overdrive, with some upgraded and some downgraded (perhaps to pay for the LO fork) components (at least to me as a relative noob). So how do the frames compare? What would be the decision points between these similarly spec'ed bikes?