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    New question here. Recommended upgrades for Diamondback Response XE 29er?

    Hey guys,

    I recently got the Diamondback Response XE 29er and really like it so far.

    I purchased the bike knowing I would like to upgrade some of the components on it.

    I will likely start with the fork and likely use Suntours upgrade program and get the Raidon.

    What kind of recommendations can you guys make for the brakes and drive train?

    I'm pretty new to mountain biking so I would love your input?

    One more question, I'm sure I can handle replacing for fork my self, but what about the drive train, brakes, shifters? Is that a hard task or should I bring it to a bike shop, and, what do you guys do, do you do your own upgrades?


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    Since I have just recently went down this road I will share my experience with you. A little over a year ago I purchased a Diamondback response. I would recommend a new wheel set first you'll notice that upgrade the most. Then I would upgrade the fork, from what I read the epicon is a good fork. For the money I don't think you'll be disappointed. I went with the Rock Shox gold solo air. It's more expensive but I don't know that functions any better, I do know it's a lighter fork and that's why I bought it. The stock coil spring is heavy you'll notice the difference right away with a lighter fork. A good set of handle grips is nice, something with better grip and some tackiness. From there just upgrade your components as they wear out remember your a beginner and no one single upgrade is going to improve your skills, just more miles on the trail. As for doing your own upgrades, tread lightly I have a good mechanical aptitude and still it can be frustrating. I learned a lot messing around with my old Mongoose. YouTube is your best tool, anything you want to see done can be found. Good Luck, have fun, stay safe.

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