• 03-22-2017
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    2017 Sync'r
    2017 Sync'r, added dropper post and fenders. Love this bike.
  • 03-22-2017

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    2017 Sync'r, added dropper post and fenders. Love this bike.

  • 03-22-2017

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  • 03-29-2017

    Originally Posted by JPinReno View Post
    I've had it for 3 weeks now. This is my second real mountain bike and my first full suspension. My previous bike was a overdrive 29er, I constantly found myself on way too rough of terrain for that bike. So after almost 3 years of trying to get my ovderdrive to crack in half I have replaced it with this.

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    and have a fox transfer dropper post and fox float x remote controlled rear shock coming in the mail!

    Why'd you decide to sell it?
  • 04-30-2017
    Fractured pixel
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    I traded in my El Oso Fat bike for this one.... it was supposed to be my daily driver/beater but i enjoy ridding it more than my carbon GT
    (I think my GT is to small)
  • 04-30-2017
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    I've been racing my Hook on local XC races for a while now. Got a nice 4th on Novice cat today :)

    Great bike!
  • 05-02-2017
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    My Atroz Comp from this past weekends trail ride. I am really enjoying riding this bike, it is a great way for me to take charge of my health and get back into mountain biking.

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  • 05-03-2017
    QUOTE=dadasmithywinkle;13103538]Why'd you decide to sell it?[/QUOTE]

    I need a large frame in that bike, I bought a medium. Stupid me! Really, I don't know what I was thinking.
  • 05-06-2017
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    Here's my 2017 Release

    Love the bike, may get a 5010 frame in the future tho

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  • 05-17-2017
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    Mason Trail upgrades
    Made a few upgrades over the winter.Attachment 1137654
    Easton Haven carbon riser bars and Redmonkey gripsAttachment 1137655
    Nukeproof pedals.Attachment 1137656
    Lezyne pump.Attachment 1137657
    And new brake pads.Attachment 1137658
  • 05-17-2017
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    Mason 2016, very happy. upgrade
  • 05-18-2017

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