• 05-22-2016
    My Line.

    Original (for now) except for the race face chain ring.

  • 05-24-2016
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    My 2007 Diamondback coil EX. Not the greatest bike in the world, but it got me into mountain biking for cheap and I've loved it ever since.

    Old school 2001 rebuilt, repainted and still awesome 100mm manitou SXTi fork
    suntour epicon rear air shock with lockout
    Conti. Mountain King 2.4 in the rear
    Maxxis minion dhf 2.5 in the front
    Deore hydro brake in the back (still stock mech in the front)
    Kona DH bars
    ODI grips
    DMR V6 pedals
    Azonic splatter front fender
    And my personal fav the niner YAWYD top cap currently sporting a corona cap
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  • 05-24-2016
    Rad ride rypaba!

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  • 05-25-2016
    Sweet ride!
  • 06-18-2016
    Brandon A
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    It's been a fun learning experience with my first mountain bike. Should I have bought a different bike to begin with, maybe but for only $300 it was a good start. The wheels didn't last long and were replaced first with Mavic 319's and XT hubs. Along with those I replaced the handlebars with some cheap Sunpeed bars, which have proven their quality, and a Truvativ 60mm stem. At the same time I got some Race Face Sniper grips which have also been great. Shortly after I bought a RockShox 30 Gold air fork which was a huge improvement over the Suntour pogo stick. This past winter I replaced the crankset, chain and cassette. Not really an upgrade, replaced with equivalent or slightly better. What was a huge upgrade was changing the mechanical brakes to hydraulic. HUGE difference! The original Kenda Klaw tires were worn out. After agonizing hours researching tires I settled on Schwalbes, Rocket Ron in the rear and a Nobby Nic in the front. Those were the most noticeable upgrade. Shaved minutes off my time, and pounds from my bike. I also replaced my seatpost with an Easton EA70 because my seat kept sliding back after 20+ miles. The seat and front/rear derailleurs are the only things left stock on the bike. The seat I like, and the derailleurs still do the job. I've done all the work myself and never would have thought to have it down to 27.8 pounds. When I look at the nice Diamondbacks posted here it makes me want a new bike; a 29er or 27.5 since I bought the last of a dying breed (26er). I'll have to wait and see what the larger wheel sizes have to offer.
  • 06-20-2016
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    DB Mason Trail
    Finally got the new rig out on the trail this weekend. Love it!:D
  • 06-21-2016
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    Originally Posted by Odogg79 View Post
    Finally got the new rig out on the trail this weekend. Love it!:D

    Did you get it when DB discounted them? It really was a good deal, I love mine.

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  • 06-21-2016
    Yes sir, I couldn't pass up that deal.
  • 06-21-2016

    Originally Posted by narcoleptic View Post
    Did you get it when DB discounted them? It really was a good deal, I love mine.

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    You should route your shifter cable around the left of the head tube. It will (if it hasn't already)wear the paint away on the fork Crown like that. Mine was the same way when i pulled it out of the box, idk why they did that but the online pics show it around the left.
  • 07-04-2016
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    My '15 Atroz Comp. New grips, pedals and rear wheel (easily bent the old one, the wheels're the only thing I really don't like about this bike) plus SS tire. Having fun so far!
  • 07-07-2016
    Scott Nelson
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    My 1990's? Diamondback Outlook
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  • 07-12-2016
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    Originally Posted by pdeaconp View Post
    Has anyone had any luck at converting the stock wheels and tires for the Atroz to tubeless? I want to go this route but didn't know if anyone has had difficulty in doing so.

    Late reply but meh what ever :D, taping the stock rims can be a hassle imo, I also didn't like that the hubs used J bent spokes, I just bought a set of Easton Heist 30s for $520 USD, which use straight pull spokes and are compatible with the Atroz Comps.

    Setting them up tubeless was so easy it wasn't funny O.o, they came already taped and setup with a presta valve etc, they even come with extra spokes and end caps for convertions etc.

    I'm actually in the middle of setting up my Atroz Comp *Nashbar Exclusive* as a 1x11 using the GX groupset from Sram, the rims also came with the XD driver pre-installed which was a major plus.

    Will be setting these up with the 1x11 setup in the next 2 weeks or so. So far I am pretty impressed with them, very solid construction and ther actually pretty light. And switching the end caps is nearly tooless.
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  • 07-23-2016
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    My DiamondBAck Overdrive 27.5
    Just reached 200 miles on my bicycle. I've upgraded the bottom bracket and have new Ergon GS3 Grips that I need to install. I do a lot of road riding as well as trails on Camp Lejeune NC so I do a lot of switching of tires from the Kendra Komforts to the factory knobby tires but it's well worth it when I get on the road and want that lower roller resistance. Eventually I may have to buy a second bike in order to get the best of both worlds.

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  • 07-24-2016
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    Finally got a decent pic of the new wheels. Next time I'll snap it on the drive side. This is at Tampa Riverwalk.