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    New Diamondback Hook

    Hey guys, I just got my Diamondback Hook in the mail today and thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for it since there is currently none. Wont be able too hit the trails until the weekend probably. Nursing school life. Anybody have ideas for upgrades?
    Oh and I'm new here aw well lol.
    New Diamondback Hook-img_0308.jpgNew Diamondback Hook-img_0310.jpgNew Diamondback Hook-img_0311.jpg
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    Hey Mcnasty! Welcome. The hook looks like a killer ride. I don't know your riding experience, but ride what ya got and upgrade as things wear. My first replacement would be the 8spd could upgrade to a good 9spd and get a lower gear. Of course, the rear der and shifter would have to be upgraded as well, but they can be found relatively inexpensive if you shop around. The cable actuated brakes would be next. Def. get some shimano brakes I have ever used. Other than that , the fork. I bet it's a boat anchor! Anyway, that's my .02!
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