• 01-31-2013
    Looking at buying used Diamondback Sortie 1 (2010 model)
    Hey everybody, I am currently looking at buying the following Diamondback Sortie 1 (2010 model). The bike currently needs a rear derailer and tubes/tires replaced.

    DIAMONDBACK Mountain Bike - paid $1300 - Priced to sell!!! - Cambridge Bikes For Sale - Kijiji Cambridge Canada.

    The price of the bike can be taken to $600.00 but I am not certain if the bike is worth it or not.

    I know it's the lower model of the Sortie line, but I think it should do me fine as long as it fits.

    For you that have or currently owned a Sortie 1, is there any feedback you can provide on the bike?

    Thank you!
  • 03-16-2013
    did you buy it? I would buy it If I had the chance. I'm not sure about the components on the bike you are looking at but my friend has a 2010 sortie and Ive rolled it a bit. I think its a killer bike. geometry is great. not sure what kind of shocks he has on it but its plush and the knuckle box rear suspension works well. I like it and if he gets rid of his I'm gunna try and pick it up