I just got done with a modification on my 36 float which I am using on my Mission. I have a 2010 36 Fit RLC fork and have never been able to get it to feel as linear as I want. I weigh 140 lbs. and with the minimum air pressure I was only getting about 5 inches of travel maximum, even on the trails of Mt. Fromme on the shore!

So, I did some research and found a modification that Push does and can also be done yourself if you feel confident with it. Basically I shortened the air spring rod by an inch which creates a higher air volume in the fork.(thing high volume air can vs. low volume on RP23) I have to say it made a LOT bigger difference than I thought it would. Cool thing with this mod. is now I can adjust the air volume by adding or subtracting float fluid in the air chamber. *****Before trying this modification, make sure you have checked to make sure that the air spring oil level is correct, as this could cause extra progressiveness***** There is a lot of info on the forums with pics and instructions if anyone is having this same problem. Just thought I would share.