Around 2010 i got back into mountain biking after not riding since 1998 i took good ol Betsy on a ride and while going up hill it was a steep hill her right low shimano exage shifter broke off and the whole gear shifted back to 5 its hardest gear and it became impossible to pedal up wards so she threw me off i went ass first sliding down hill before i could get up betsy came rolling down hill on her own and before i could get out of her way her back tire was less than 5 inches away from my face so i ended up in the hospital with a bruised nose and Road rash. 2012 we took good ol betsy to Bonneli park in San Dimas Ca on the way down hill i dont know if her brake pads gave away but she threw me to the right i landed in some sticks spleen first but instead of falling down she got back up and started going downhill on her own and she even made the steep left turn on her own What are your crazy DB stories?