So, I am not a huge fan of hyrdation packs, but the lack of a water bottle cage in the triangle leaves me with no choice. (Diamondback Release 1)

I got a small hyrdation pack. Osprey Syncros 3 which has a 2.5 liter bladder, small pocket for phone, keys, maybe some energy bars. In the main pocket with the bladder I can also fit my multitool.

I could fit more like a tube and mini pump in it, but I prefer to keep weight off my back anyway. I strapped my spare tube and tire irons onto my saddle with the great velcro straps the bike came with, but would ideally like to not have the pump in my hyrdo pack either.

I won't use the nasty bottle cage on the bottom of the bike, but what about getting one of those frame mounted mini pumps on the bottom tube? Has anyone done this, any recommendations for a pump? If I can do this, the only tool I'd have to keep in my pack is my multitool...thats workable in my book.