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Thread: Axis Sport 27.5

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    Axis Sport 27.5

    I am curious why more people do not have this bike? I was only able to find two reviews for this model and another for one of the other Axis models.

    What I was able to find was positive so I ordered one anyway. ***** sporting goods has it currently for 450.00 and it was better equipped than the Pitch 650 I had planned to buy, that would have cost 100 bucks more.

    I would like to hear from anyone that owns one.


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    I was recently comparing the axis comp to the overdrive sport. Ultimately I went with the 29er wheel size over the 27.5 mainly because I found the 27.5 kinda blah. My current 26 was more agile than the 27.5 but wasn't nearly as fast as the 29er. I guess it just a weird middle ground till manufactures completely stop making 26 inch bikes. I picked up the overdrive sport on amazon for $450 - a $50 coupon I had on there.

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    Be aware that the Axis XE is not the same as the regular Axis Sport on amazon or diamondback website. I just ordered one on amazon for $449 but ship within 2 to 4 months. The price jumped back to 632 on amazon. I am going to LBS test ride some 27.5 and 29er. I might change to airborne guardian 2.0 if I like the 29er.

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