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    Okay just got my overdrive put together... not a freaking scratch on her and everything works flawless! Nothing loose no wierd sounds but i think i may have some crank issues.. It looks to me like it SHOULD be a better fit and have less clearance to the frame.. the crank arms seem to be out alittle to far on the bottom bracket.. taking pics and i will upload.. may even take her into a DB shop that's close and have them take a look! here are the pics..... Am i just crazy? It's definitely NOT loose... i could not get it to budge with any of my tools...
    14 Fsr stumpy elite 29r

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    anybody here have the overdrive?

    Looks okay I think. All the drivetrain was already assembled when I got it from amazon. I would say as long as it isn't loose it's probably okay. Wouldn't hurt to take it to a shop and have them look over the whole bike though and tune the derailleurs.

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    Just picked up an Overdrive Sport. Am loving it. Am sick as a dog, so can't get out to ride. I rode yesterday but couldn't get up a single climb, too sick

    To you guys who picked up just the Overdrive, it is a big step up to the hydraulic breaks and the Suntours XCR fork on the Sport.

    The Sport's capabilities are way beyond mine.

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    To those of you with a 16" Overdrive: Does this bike have front wheel toe overlap?

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