I'm planning to upgrade to the dropper post on my 2016 Mission 1. Based on the specs posted on the web (both DB own website and numerous other resellers), the seatpost should be 30.9mm. It so happens I have a Sync'r 24 that also has the seatpost that is supposed to measure 30.9 (per DB own website). Well, I compared both and clearly, the Mission 1 seatpost is thicker. One other check I was able to perform was between the Mission and 2016 Splinter 24. The latter has the seatpost listed at.. 31.8 (!) but both posts work interchangeably on either bike.

What are the chances the DB own website is incorrect with regards to this particular spec on the Mission 1 bike?

I would love to hear from anyone who actually ordered a dropper for his/her Mission 1 to confirm the size I should go with, namely 31.6mm. Thanks!