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Thread: Devinci YYZ

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    Devinci YYZ

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-1-1024x682.jpg

    Caught this stunner at Sea Otter. Below are some photos.

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-4-1024x682.jpg

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-6-1024x682.jpg

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-7-1024x682.jpg

    Anyone else think Rock Shox should do a limited edition fork with these retro decals?

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-9-1024x682.jpg


    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-11-1024x682.jpg

    Here's the other YYZ in the booth. Devinci built three frames total. They didn't have the third one at the show.

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-13-1024x682.jpg

    Devinci YYZ-devinci-yyz-30th-anniversary-bike-12-1024x682.jpg

    I've posted some more photos here.

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    Devinci are rush fans? Awesome!
    Oh, its pronounced yy zed, not yy zee, eh

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