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    Devinci Atlas Carbon initial suspension tune

    Hoping to get out today for my Atlas's first shake down ride.
    I am 180 pounds ready to ride.
    My Atlas has a Rock shox Monarch RT3 rear shox and a Pike RT3 120mm fork.
    The fork seems pretty nice with 70 psi, 4 clicks from full fast lsc and a couple clicks fast from mid way on rebound.
    The rear shock sag seems a little odd, at 160psi I had 35% sag in the open threshold setting.
    I bumped that up to 180psi and still seem to have a little over 30% sag.
    Are you Atlas owners seeing this much sag at these pressures?
    Thinking I will bump it up to 185ish psi and note my travel o ring indicator after hitting some trail features.
    I am also starting at a couple clicks fast from midway on rear shock rebound.
    What settings are you Atlas owners using?
    Thanks for any input.

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    I'm 5'7 and 170lbs, I'll check back with my psi settings later tonight. I have both rebounds set in the middle, but I'm using a RWC needlebearing kit that really made the rear shock movement a whole lot smoother.

    Any pics of your build? Always fun to see how much they differ.

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    Follow up on suspension settings, I ended up at 190psi rear and 75 psi front.
    Compression and rebound settings untouched from OP.
    I got to spend the weekend in North Ga. and got in a couple of sweet rides at chicopee and Bull/Jake Mtn.
    This bike has surpased my expectations, from both climbing prowess to bombing the DH.

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