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    What brake adapter to convert 140 rotor to 160? I see only 140 to 180 adapters!

    So I am building a Colnago CX bike which as a PP style caliper mount in both the fork and the rear. I got a very good deal on a set of Shimano BR785 hydraulic brake package and the set came with avid HSR floating rotors (size 140 mm).

    I would like to change the front rotor to 160 mm and I know I need an adapter to "lift" up the brake caliper away from the post. Somehow though I could not find a Shimano P/P adapter suited for the purpose of moving up from 140 to 160 rotors. The only adapters I see are for 180mm. Am I missing something?

    Or should I just stick with the 140 mm rotors for CX. I don't intend to race CX, just ride in road and trails.

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    Recently looked into the same and ultimately bought two 10mm spacers from Toronto Cycles. Haven't tested it yet as the wheel set for my bike is stuck in US customs (US wheels leaving the country). Government at work - they've been there for a month now

    Anyway, the nice thing about using two identical spacers is you won't need any concave and convex washers to mount the caliper.

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    What you're finding are "20mm" adapters. Most disc mounts are for 160mm rotors, so the 20mm adapter (actually only 10mm,) takes you to 180. Since the mounts for road and cross are for 140mm rotors, that same adapter will get you to 160mm.
    Hope that made sense...

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