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    Scattante dx350 vs Fuji Cross 3.0

    Hi everyone,
    I would like your opinions on this choice. Yes, I narrowed it down to two models, I did my homework, but I need some input from more knowledgeable riders.
    I am looking to get my first cyclocross bike. Over the past 4 years I have been riding a single speed steel 29r mountain bike only. I ride local trails, some paved, some dirt and gravel, going off trail on rare occasion, little road time. I am not an expert by any means, but I do enjoy riding fast and getting my exercise this way, while taking in some neat nature and changing landscape.
    I find myself wanting more speed, a lighter frame, slightly more aggressive riding on the paved/road portions, while maintaining the solid, rather "bomb-proof" factor I get with my low cost but very sturdy SE mountain bike. I also want something that holds together - I do all my maintenance on the single speed, but adjusting derailleurs and gears and all that extra jazz is not something I would be keen on spending too much time on.
    Sooo, since I believe in supporting my LBS, which has been good to me, I am between these:
    Fuji Cross 3.0:
    Scattante DX350:
    So far it breaks down like this:
    Pro Fuji: lighter; Tiagra gearing, which I am told is a big step up from the Sora; better saddle, so that upgrade is not immediately needed; more of a trusted brand; ?more durable;
    Pro Scattante: cheaper by $200; disk breaks; carbon fork; additional break levers on the bar (no experience riding aeros, so this is a potential safety factor initially)

    Any thoughts? Is the step up to the Fuji frame/Tiagra translated indeed in better durability, meaning I am better off making the extra investment now for long term benefit? Or am I fine with the better priced Scattante for now and can put the difference into a nice saddle and nice pedals and just go ride? Does it come to disk brakes, possibly more helpful off road, vs better gears, possibly more helpful ON road? If any owners of either models can chime in, or anyone with good insight really, please let me know.

    Thank you for any advice and for reading my long post.

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    No experience with either bike. The Sora stuff is more bottom line but probably works fine being new. More durable. Maybe a little over time.

    Disc brakes. Many opions on that. I have 2 cross bikes and so far have not found the need or desire to upgrade. Pretty much ride them everywhere. I can see on more technical trails discs would be better but I just ride accordingly to the terrain. Carbon fork is nice. Saddle I always change those out to a brand I like and have experience with. Honestly when buying a bike I usually pay no attention to saddles. Stems. Posts. Gonna end up changing them out sooner or later anyway.

    The extra brake levers. Not my thing. Have never been in a situation where I wished I had those extra levers up there. Maybe it's just me.

    Wheels is what I would look at and compare. Good wheels can be huge in the way a bike rides. But usually folks say buy the most bike you can afford. Also a test ride should help in how each one feels and fits for you.

    If its to close to call perhaps the lower priced one and some decent wheels. You can always change out stuff as it wears and breaks or you find good deals on parts.

    No expert here just some thoughts.

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    Thanks. All excellent points.
    I did what should be the most important step in a decision like this - went to Performance and took both of them for brief rides in the parking lot. The Fuji definitely feels a lot better. Lighter, stiffer, just "feels" more solid (that indefinable good feeling of something being more solid). So, that's what I'm going with. And performance having extra 10% off today makes my decision easier They are holding the 3.0 for me, I will finalize the order tonight, and with the points I earn I may want to add the Forte carbon fork they sell which was the only thing missing probably.
    It's funny that the gearing is, after all, not what is making my decision. It had been set up poorly on the floor bike, so it barely shifted and clanked. So once they set it up and that will work well I think I will enjoy this thing. Of course, since I liked it so much, and they have the discount going on, and they would give me an extra discount if I get one of the floor bikes, I may take a look at the 2.0 as well, which is only very little extra in that case... Somebody, please stop me

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