Between my MTBs and my CX I've had issues with the rims filling with water. This spring in particular I've encountered several deep long puddles on my cx route and have noticed that my new "Fulcrum racing 5cx" are filling with water every ride.

I do a lot of river crossings on my MTBs and have since drilled 2 small 1/16th" drain holes in all the mtb rims which seem to work perfect. My old R500 rims that came with my Ridley X-fire cx had holes drilled from the factory too.

I guess my question is, is it better to try to seal these up (unsure if it's the tube stem hole alone or the spoke holes as well that are leaking) or just drill drain holes? The cx rims are much smaller than my MTB rims and I'm a little apprehensive about removing material from them.

I've had some people say it's normal to drill drain holes on CX rims and others think I'd be nuts to do it.