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    Just got a Fantom Cross Pro Ti

    And I figured I'd post my impressions coming from a MTBers point of view. First off bikesdirect. I was a little leery of buying from them based on some internet reviews, flame wars, etc... However there are also plenty of good reviews. I figured the truth was in the middle and that's pretty much what I got. Ti frame, Rival 22 speed everything (except for the cranks, oh well) and a fairly heavy wheelset by road standards.

    As far as mechanical issues the rotors came mildly pre-warped with a little hand bending required to get them to clear the brake pads all the way around. No big deal, I'm used to that. Total time to get the bike road worthy and ready to test ride was about an hour.

    As for the bike itself, I did 10 miles or so with a mix of gravel, dirt and road. The ride was GREAT compared to my carbon roadie which beats me up a little. The combo of the Ti and wider tires contributes to this.

    The brakes (Avid BB7) are garbage, lol! At least compared to MTB shimano SLX. They're adequate compared to roadie rim brakes but truthfully I expected better stopping power.

    Compared to my hardtail 29er MTB it feels snappier accelerating and climbing. Those 'heavy' wheels in roadieworld are REALLY LIGHT by MTB standards, haha! I'm looking forward to doing some real fireroad climbing this winter to test against my big tired rigs.

    All in all mostly positive first impressions. I have to find out if I can adjust the brakes and make them suitable or whether I need to swap them. The bike was very fun to ride, maybe I'll even try this CX thing out!
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    Nice looking bike. I think I'm going to skip on carbon for my next cross bike and go ti.

    The brakes will get better as they bed in. Unfortunately road disc (especially mechanical) will never feel close to hydro mountain brakes. I just switched from BB7's to the Sram S700 hydros and it's a huge step up in brake power and feel, but still not what you can get with a mountain brake.

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    Yeah, I read about the bedding in and if they get a little better that'd be nice.

    That's ok if they're never MTB stopper good, but right now they're truly bad. I re-adjusted them cause I was getting howl from the front. Gonna go ride it now.

    I also wanted to add that I weighed it just now. 23.4 complete with pedals, bottle cage and lights front/rear. I'd say rideable weight (without the lights) would be right at 23.

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