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    Ibis Hakkalugi or Salsa Warbird Carbon Rival 22 for gravel grinding and road riding?

    I have been asking a lot of questions lately on this forum so sorry for all the threads. However I am the type person who likes to cover all my bases before making a purchase. And unfortunately I live in Michigan which doesn't have the best bike shops around with many bikes to demo. I have done a lot of research and I keep coming back to these 2 bikes. The geometry of them is very similar with the Warbird Carbon having a longer wheelbase and slacker HA. I currently own an Ibis Ripley and love it that is why I am interested in the Hakkalugi. I have never owned a Salsa but have heard great things about them. The Hakkalugi has the nod because I really like the Ibis brand. However the Warbird has larger tire capabilities which I really like. You can only get a 38c wide tire on the Hakkalugi where the Warbird will take tires up to 44c wide.

    I'll be using this bike for mainly riding a local trail system called the Clinton River Trail which is a trail that has fire roads, dirt roads, pavement and a little singletrack. I will also use it at my cottage on paved roads and dirt roads. Any suggestions or info would be helpful.

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    I don't think you could go wrong with either. I have a Hakka and absolutely love it . It bombs the single track and gravel and road really well. Never tried the Warbird, but I have demoed a Salsa before and it was surprisingly smooth and a great ride feel. Heavy though.

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    I would start with what tires you are going to run. How much do you weigh? If you are bigger then go with the bigger clearance bike. I am near 200 and need to run 40c tires to be able to run low enough pressure (50-60psi rear) to be comfortable in the dirt. 33-35c normal cx tires I have to pump up too hard. I do however live in the mountains and have very long fast downhills which mandate high enough pressure to not flat at speed. I have found gravel bike tire setup to be much more finicky than mtb tires in terms of pressure and tire size. I have settled on the Clement MSO 40 and put 2000+ miles on them with zero issues.

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