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    Gevenalle GX / Shadow Plus Rear Mech?

    I do a lot of rough climbing, and have a 46/30 front gearing to help with it. As you'd expect, chain slap can be a problem when the going gets rough.

    I have been considering a move to the Gevenalle shifters because of their hood shape and the friction front shifting, while browsing their site I came across the new GX model which requires a dynasys rear derailleur (GX Shifters MTB Derailleurs - Gevenalle). I'm wondering if anyone's tried this setup, and how good a job the clutch does at mitigating chain slap. Part of me thinks with such wide spacing on the front rings I'm bound to have some, especially with such a tiny inner ring. But I would love to hear I'm wrong.

    For reference current setup is 6700 shifters with a deore 9 speed rear mech (long cage).


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    Just from experience on my MTB , I know that a clutch derailleur becomes less useful in a 2x setup when in the small chainring. The more you move towards the small cog in the cassette even more so. So if you spend a lot of time in the 30t, then you're going to get a lot of chain noise. But in any case, its still going to be more controlled than not having a clutch at all.
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