Hi, I've been spending some time looking for new wheels for my cyclocross bike. Actually I'm quite happy with the wheels that came with my Focus Mares AX 4, but I recon that it would be nice with winter and summer wheels. As this is my first post I've also dropped a few photos of my ride at the bottom :-)

I've been pretty happy with a pair of Superstar pedals and their wheel builds look quite good too. While my weight curve is descending I'm still a rather heavy rider (95kg/ 209lbs) and that might necessitate some strong rims.

Usually I ride light trails in the woods and on roads with a pair of 35x622 Sammy Slick tyres or occasionally with a Rocket Ron at the backwheel (also around 35mm wide). I like the comfort that the 35mm wide tyres produce.

Been looking at the following two options and would like to hear your experiences or suggestions on something else. Both rims weigh around 420g, but the superstar has a deeper section.

Pacenti CL25 rims (Width inner/outer: 20/25mm height:17mm)
Rimdata: BikeLugs.com and wheelbuild: Superstar Components - High Spec Parts For Peanuts

Superstar Sentinel rims (Width inner/outer: 21/26mm height:22.4mm)
Rimdata: Superstar Components - High Spec Parts For Peanuts