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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrwSwitch View Post
    OP, do you have a road bike to compare to? My fits are near-identical between 'cross and road - I really just change the amount of drop to the bars.

    Between XC and 'cross, I ride a 18" mountain bike and a 52cm 'cross bike. ('13 Kona Hei Hei and '09 Kona Jake.)

    Hope that helps.
    Love the Eddy Merckx quote in your sig line

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiTe View Post
    I did the bb2stem measurement between Rove 53 and Jake 56. And it looks like that there is slightly only slightly difference. Which is good thing that there is not huge difference. It looks like that stack remains almost the same and reach is slightly smaller in Rove.
    But I haven´t found any info about stem length, but I would think that Rove 53 has 90mm and Jake has 100mm. But I just put same measurements in bb2stem calculator.

    I did compared those Rove 53 measurements by bb2stem and it seems like that those are almost identical than my Trek mtb. I would think that Rove in 53 would be great on me. Any thoughts about comparing Trek vs Rove? Because I would like to have Rove drop bar "tops" to be same as my mtb bike flat bar.

    Here is picture of Rove 53(bike 1) vs Jake 56(bike 2). Please not that stem and spacer will be likely wrong, but not by much.
    I should mention that I'm not sure the bb2stem calculator is correct. The geometry-based stack/reach numbers (without stem/spacer stack) it generates don't match the manufacturers values for anything I put in. I've been using the calculator on the right side of the worksheet to do all my comparisons.
    Other people say it's accurate though. I haven't been able to find the author's contact info, and would like to ask him about this.

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    I find I land the bars on my drop bar bikes with the flats a bit closer than where I put the bars on my mountain bikes. My primary riding position on drop bars is on the corners or the ramps. The conventional wisdom puts it even further out, on the hoods. So the bars extend one's reach quite a bit compared to a flat bar bike. It's a really different fit. I don't think there's a great way to derive one's drop bar fit from a flat bar fit. Just keep in mind that you're the same person on both, so the primary riding position on a drop bar bike shouldn't be hugely reachier than how you like it on a flat bar bike. There's a reason road bikes have such shorter top tubes.

    Also, 10 mm is a lot.

    Hop on some racier road bikes too before you commit. They're fun, and depending on what you want in terms of load capacity, a touring bike could be overkill for commuting.
    "Don't buy upgrades; ride up grades." -Eddy Merckx

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