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    CX Monstercross brake upgrade

    Hey All,

    Building up some new wheels for my Trek Lane and considering replacing my stock tektro canti's since I'll have to take them to pieces to adapt them to the new school wtb rim from the ancient MA2s I had been running.

    So, to be specific, I'm considering going to a Mini-V, CX9 or tektro equivalent. My concern is that I often run 29x2.0 tires, which is a pretty easy to do with canti's. Anyone have any experience doing something similar?


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    Well the mini-v should work with your fitted braked levers, you might find mud clearance not so good with bigger tyres.

    Have you switched to a higher grade brake cable set, and a set of cartridge pads, both these mods will sharpen up brakes.

    I went from stock v-brake pads to better cartridge pads and gore cables, noticed the performance.
    My attempt at monster cross has caliper brakes, as i can't upgrade the calipers i can change the rest of the system, they won't be super stella stoppers but should be better than they are sometimes it would be nice to stop rather than slow down a bit.

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    Yes to all the upgrades, looks top salmon pads, full high strength housing, pretty well optimized the canti's. I just thought I'd try something to get rid of the fork judder. My home patch of dirt is a 8 mile ride from my new house, the ride home is pretty tough on the forearms. It's a definite maybe if I can pick up some used ones on eBay.

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