Point Of Use:
* Seem to be clearing out old for new.

* Buy from LBS (carry Specialized and Raleigh)

* 52 years old, fit-gym & bike.

* True four season climate / habitat.

* Main use.....honestly would be 80% pavement, 20% gravel/dirt roads. I do have 100 mile plus of forest service road but a utility bike for such already.

* Vision's of grandure - everyone need's dreams and goals I am interested in working towards - gravel grinder, CX and Monster Cross type races, appropriate category.


* Carbon Spec. Crux and similar - can these hang reasonably well with Endurance road bikes on pavement, same engine/person both? This is not a race scenario but rather group rides of two hours. I just need to hang close.........engine for engine,legs for legs.

* Does the Spec. Crux have clearance for a 40-45 tire? I would really like to have the versatility of from 33 cx tire to 40-45 fire road / Monster Cross.

* Are disc brakes a substantial plus if light carbon frame? I ask, because one Crux series has carbon frame/fork for same price as alum. with hydro disc's. I suspect I rather have the carbon frame for the exact same price as the disc's.

* Price I am trying to stay ideally around $2K. May opt for $3K if worth it/value. Yet, I may pick up a value $1K to $1.5 K, Raleigh or other Alum frame for my purpose to.

* Any Specialized or Raleigh bikes you like in that price range? I am not brand specific but, I do support/appreciate local brick and motor bike shop specifically.

Thanks All !