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    Crosscheck with narrow rims and breaking power

    Hi all,

    I've got a surly crosscheck set up with some pretty narrow rims and tektro CR720's with stock pads. I've set them up perfectly and ridden them long enough for them to be broken in and feel like i dont get enough breaking power.

    I'm no expert but I think something that sat a little lower on the canti studs would help the situation at least in the front because of the break shudder i get.

    What do y'all think? I've tried the kool stop tri colored pads but they didn't help the situation much. They're pretty low budget brakes so I could see myself wanting to upgrade but that could be me just lusting for more paul bits...

    I know this has been covered in other threads but I wanted to get some feed back on narrower rims and the possibility of a lower riding brake helping to get more power out of it.
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    Try the cheap tektro Mini Vs. They have a ton of power. I use them on the front only for CX and since my CXer doubles as my Roadie they do great on the road.

    I would go with the RX-5 I think they use an 85mm brake lever arm.

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    Set up

    Couple of things. You could try reducing the length of the traverse-able wire or replacing it with a shorter one. And try scuffing up the pads your using now or try a softer compound like the koolstop salmon pads.

    If you go the mini v route include a inline barrel adjuster somewhere b/c with the mini vs, the pads sit so close to the rim that it can make removing-replacing the the wheel a real pain.

    Shimano has come out with a touring, full sized v brake that works with Sti levers. This could be the best option i can think of. Theyre not that expensive either.

    2013 Shimano Road V-brakes

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    Good info

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    Why not going with Cane Creek levers for V-brakes, proper V brakes, and barend shifters? The cost would be high but you'd have the best stopping power.

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