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    CN carbon tubeless wheels

    Picked up a set of these and wondered if anyone else have tried them. The price was right( so it seemed) $433 shipped.
    The first thing I noticed, which wasn't apparent on the eBay listing was that they seemed a little narrow. When I went to mount my WTB Cross Boss 35mm tires on them, there is no way, no how these tires are going to fit, can't even get one side of the bead on the rim.
    Of course when I contact CN Carbon, their response is" sure they fit, keep trying" nice! Kinda acted like I'm some kind of idiot who never mounted a tire onto a rim.
    These tires mount up tight to my existing wheels( as most tubeless ready tires do)but these wheels are almost impossible if not possible.
    My question is, has anyone else had similar experiences with these wheels or any of the other Chinese carbon wheels? Or maybe have any solutions on how to mount these tires. My worry is either damaging the rim trying to put them on, or if im on a ride and experiencing a flat in which I would need to put a tube in, is that I wouldn't be able to get the bead off the rim.

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    CN carbon tubeless wheels

    It it most likely not the rims. If you search this forum, you'll read that WTB tires are narrower in diameter than most other tire beads, making for an incredibly tight fit. And this is also why Stan's rims say that WTB tires are not compatible with their rims. Try a different brand, and I'm sure you'll get a "normal" bead fit.

    With this said, I've always been able to get WTB tires to fit my wheelsets (FYI - I don't have Stan's rims) and have never used a tire iron. Here is what worked for me:

    If and when you lay your sealing tape in the rim channel, make sure you press the tape down into the center channel FIRST (before setting the bead track portion). This ensures that you are maintaining as much depth in the rim channel as possible. This minimizes the diameter of the channel so that there is a better chance of getting the WTB tires to fit during install onto the rim.

    Lube the rim and tire bead with Dawn dish soapy water.

    And finally, here is the key to finally getting the tires to work onto the rim. Wear a pair of heavy duty dish washing gloves when working the tire onto the bead. If you can find the thicker textured version, even better. Wearing these gloves give your hands to required grip to work the soapy tires onto the rim. Bare hands alone, with the soapy tire makes it impossible to maintain the needed grip the force the tire bead onto the rim. This has worked for me on Pacenti SL25, DT Swiss XM401, American Classic, and of course WTB rims.

    I hope this helps!

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    I can't comment on the Chinese carbon rim but I do have Cross Boss's on Grails with no fitment issues. Durability of the Stans rim is another story...

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    WTB's tubeless tires (TCS) uses a UST bead which has a smaller BSD making it hard or impossible to mount on a non-UST rim. I'm surprised to read that Sparkie has them mounted on a Stans Grail rim without problems.

    I just ran into this problem with the Nano 40c. it was insanely tight, i finally got it on the rim with soap and water and big tire levers and a lot of swearing, but i could never put a tube in trail-side in the event of a flat. I ended up getting the non tubeless (non TCS) version of the same tire and it went on without trouble.

    bottom line is if you want to keep those rims, get some new tires. any other brands tubeless ready tires should work fine so long as they're not UST beads.
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    Thnks for your help and suggestions. I've been running the WTB's on a couple of other wheels, and while they do fit tight, it's nothing like on the carbon hoops. I did get one on though, but it was only a test because I didn't have rim tape on the rim, that was a pain to put on. I'm going to try a different tire just to make sure.

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    I'm running WTB nano 40c tires tubeless on light-bicycle U shaped 45mm deep carbon rims. No problems. Nice snug fit.

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