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    Brush up skills with Svenness!

    It's been a long, sloppy winter here. In the interests of keeping myself from going bat**** on the trainer, I've discovered the CXhairs blog. They post awesome, excellent cyclocross video analysis of UCI footage. 15-20 minute edits with great text overlay analysis (with bonus snarky comments!) of Euro cyclocross racing. Bonus: I don't have to rely on my shaky high school German to puzzle through the Dutch commentary.

    Svenness 2.17 is a full recap / analysis of 2014 CX Worlds.

    Bonus link: Global Cycling Network has the Sunweb boys give a clinic on how to ride sandpits.

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    I've watched all those videos. They are great.

    "Commit to the rut!"

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    little mad riding hood
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    I love cycleboredom's repurposing of these as .gifs. "pooprut" made me giggle:

    "mmm pooprut"

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