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    Back to biking need help Buying.

    About me: I'm a short (5'5) Male Future Bike Rider currently living in the New England Area. I haven't been on a bike since I was in my early teen years and I've just recently got the itch to get back to riding. I have spent hours and hours going through information and reading other people's "Choose A Bike for Me" threads and sincerely apologize for adding yet another one. I figure there is only so much I can get from mulling over information and specs on a screen in front of me and thought it would be nice to get some experienced views on a couple bikes. I have not yet been able to get to any of my local bike shops in the area and probaly won't start checking out these bikes in store until mid June . Also because I have not been sized or tried any of these bikes in real life I do not know what frame size or around what frame size I would be.

    Type of Bike & Reasoning: Living in the New England Area we experience all 4 seasons pretty distinctly and sometimes at the same time . So during my research I came across a type of bike that would in theory allow me to ride in all the 4 seasons. Even during the best weather I'm still looking for a bike I can ride through the trails, cruise medium length distances, and carry light-medium supplies/groceries. I'm really looking for a Bike that can last me for years to come and I understand no matter what I buy there will be a time when I need to upgrade parts on it. I'm not 100% sure if I need disc brakes at this point or if it would be good to future proof and buy a disc brake bike no matter what.

    The Bikes I'm Currently Looking At: Well I've narrowed it down to about 5 bikes but I'm opened to other suggestions. My Price Range is around $1300 dollars for a New Bike so this plants me into an entry level Cyclocross Bike. I'm looking for any information that can help steer me to a clear winner or just owner experiences with these bikes or past models.

    1. 2013 Surly Cross–Check - This bike is the cheapest of all the bikes listed but seems to be a real work horse. It doesn't have the best Mechanics on or even the Disc Brakes that some of the other bikes have but I have seen all kinds of configurations of racks, fenders, lights, and all kinds of different mounts that I'm not sure is possible on the other bikes. At the moment I don't plan on doing a ton of lugging stuff around but it would be nice to be able to hook up a rack and carry a laptop and a 6 pack to a friends house without taking the Car.
    2. 2013 Kona Jake – This bike seems to have a great mix of features and mechanics on it. The only two things that worry me about this bike is finding information about the Disc Brakes(Tektro Lyra) and whether or not the frame or bike allows for any racks or ways to carry any groceries/supplies with me.
    3. 2013 Trek Crossrip Elite – Seems to be a decent bike but only comes equipped with the SORA package. Now it does come with Disc Brakes as a trade off so that's why I'm interested in this bike aswell as the rest.
    4. 2013 Cannondale CAADX Tiagra - Cannondale seems to be a very popular name with a good record from what I've read. Seems to come with the Tiagra package like a few of the other bikes but only has Cantilever brakes. It's a nice looking bike but not sure what quite sets it apart from the rest if we compare the costs. And I'm not quite sure how racks or other fenders are supported on this bike
    5. 2013 Jamis Nova Race – Going by the specifications this bike seems to be the clear winner for the money. It comes with BB7 Disc Brakes and has the Tiagra Package. The only downsides of the bike is it seems to be a bit heavy and I'm not quire sure again if this bike allows for any kinds of racks or fenders to fit on it. I can't seem to find much information from people that have bought this bike or people that have previous Jamis Nova Races.

    Link that stacks up the bikes against one another:

    2013 Jamis Nova Race vs 2013 Cannondale CAADX Tiagra vs 2013 Trek CrossRip Elite...

    Thanks a bunch of any helpful information no matter how small it is from anybody that posts.

    Edit: Not sure how the formatting got all crazy my apologies.

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    If you are really into carrying stuff on your bike and looking for versatility then the Surly would fit the bill..I can not speak about any other brands other than Cannondale..I have the SuperX with Canti brakes...I have had no issue with having cantis on my cross bike..I have rode it XC/gravel/street/ and have not found myself needing or wishing I had disc brakes on it..there are better bikes than Cannondale and worse...I like mine and it seems like a well thought out cross bike from far if I go somewhere I need to take some stuff with me I just use a backpack as mine does not have any rack mounts on it...

    That said I am really thinking hard about getting a Crosscheck frame and building it up myself...several reasons...It is a steel frame and I just miss having a steel frame have the ability to run larger tires on is versatile enough to change the configuration on it if you want to suit what ever purpose or need you have at a particular phase of ones cycling desires..

    I guess it comes down to what is important to you as a rider...if disc brakes are a deal breaker then scrap the ones with cantis...if being able to mount racks on your bike is important then scrap the ones with out that ability...they all are good bikes and will give you some of what you are looking for..the Surly seems to give you everything you want and you can always change out stuff that you do not like as time goes by..

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    When you says trails what kind of terrain, basic hardpack without lots of tight turns, never ridden in NE but if your talking general East Coast Singletrack maybe a rigid 29er should beup for consideration.

    Cross Check seems like a good choice though! Karate Monkey would be a siliar flat bar bike.
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    remember that a steel bike provides for more comfort on off road rides. A proper CX bike is ultra stiff and designed for 1 hour races on specific tracks. I needed an allrounder and built a steel Ritchey. Very satisfied abot my choice. Also considering versatility I'd go for a Surly.

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