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    Good to see that you have come to an appropriate conclusion.

    However, a word of wisdom. Your issue was and should have been directly with CRC.
    And it should have remained an issue between these 2 parties.

    For some of us, following the thread is a little OTT, and in the space of hours, used up a lot of energy. Not much learning from this one. We're mostly hands on builders here and not Mass Manufacturers, so keep a cool perspective from what you have discussed.

    Go and enjoy your ride as you originally intended to have.

    If I don't make an attempt, how will I know if it will work?

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    Thank you.

    Let me just also say that unless I opened this topic I wouldn't be able to understand the importance of a welding defect like porosity and maybe I would never asked for a replacement.

    So such a topic would be good for future reference for someone with a similar issue and of course it is a good example of excellent customer service from CRC side. So it is not a waste of time after all.

    As for any loss of energy I apologise and the next Red Bull is on me .

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    Points for Chain Reaction Cycles delivering up a new frame, as I'm uncertain I could have stood another 75 high maintenance posts on a $400 frame that from my insane perspective was perfectly fine.

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    I suppose that this is just part of the business. Yes they will have to pay the shipping costs and replace the frame but this is how you build a good reputation and you can't really put a price to that.

    As for the frame I suppose that it will go back to NS since as some people already said it is strange how this defect was not discovered during QC. And at the end of the day the question remains the same. Would you have bought a new frame with a hole in a weld if you knew it? I wouldn't.

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    I am coming back go this thread to inform you about the outcome of the return process.

    The CRC customer service was exceptional and they picked up the defective frame and send me back a new one with no extra cost for me. Unfortunately the second frame was defective as well so they offered to send me a third one but when they checked it before sending it they saw that it was defective as well!

    So after 3 defective frames in a row they agreed to give me a full refund.

    Personally I am really disappointed because I have invested both time and money not only on the frame but in the respective components as well and one month later I back where I started but at least I feel that I made the right decision not to accept a defective frame.

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