I have just bought a new hardtail and its rockin
its from a brand thats not very well known as far as i can tell
Ghost bikes. They are a german brand and seem to make a decent hartail frame.
but the reason i went for this bike was the nice components.
i got:
Forks: Pikes 95-140mm u-turn
Brakes: Magura louise fr 7" dual pot
cranks: TRUVATIV Holzfeller DH (9 speed)
ghost brand pedals syncros handle bars ect.

This site has no ghost products on it at all, the main reason i am posting this is to acertain if ghost goes by a different name and....
How do you guys reckon this bike stands up to the compitetion?
i.e. stps, specialized "P" bikes,gt s ect...
this bike sells for about 1500 euros so it fits into there sort of price bracket.
heres the site i bought it from if anyone is interested:
basicly for what i payed i got a bargain on the components but the frame will do me for now tis not like it will break easily ha.
its basicly a custom bike cuz ghost only make the frame as far as i can tell.