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    Dirtbag for clyde?

    Hi, I am thinking about getting a Dirtbag. I am what is considered a "clyde". 6'2" 245 without gear. I am wondering if a dirtbag would make a good heavy duty trail bike. How well do they climb? Thanks.

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    On the transition HP you can find a Dirtbag video with factory rider mike metzger. He is 6'4" and 220 according to the page.
    Don't know about the climbing though, I don't think he does it very much on his bike with the MZ Monster (?) on it.
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    The bike will handle your stature easily. If climbing is a concern for you, make sure you get a 66 w/ ETA so you can lower the front end and make the climbing a lil more manageable.

    I do moderate climbing with my dirtbag - I would think that saying it would be a chore best sums it up

    But I guess if you run three rings and can lower your fork you stand a chance BTW, you will NOT be dissapointed with the Transition Dirtbag as a framset!
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    I'm 6'2" and about 230 with no gear, been riding an '06 Dirtbag around for about 6 weeks now. The frame is real heavy for a trailbike, but it pedals very well. Definately get a shock with some kind of anti-bob and take the time to set it up right and you will be rewarded. I got my frame for $699 from the factory, came with an '07 Swinger 4-way. Once again, pedals great for a freeride machine, even with only a 38t ring up front and a dual crown fork.

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    I am 6' 3" and 270lbs and LOVE my '04 dirtbag...been the best bike I could have asked for. Just looking at a covert now because I want to get a smaller rig...not hucking or anything..heh...

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    I am 250# and am on my 2nd Dirtbag, first a 05 now a 07. They are great big boy bikes. The new frame design for 07 feels exactly like the geo of the older style, but is stiffer in the rear end and definitely pedals better with the Roco TSTr shock over the Romic on the 05.

    I don't go out with the intention of pedaling uphill all day on mine, but I also don't let it stop me from getting to the top to earn my downhill fun either (shuttles are only fun in groups). I have ridden my 05 up some pretty long uphills, 3000 vert feet over 7 miles was done numerous times last summer. Have yet to pedal the 07 up anything that long, but I am sure it'll be a little easier.

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