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    XCL factory settings for an RP23

    I just got a cheap RP23 from ebay, and the factory settings for "Compression Tune" is at max, and rebound is in the middle. Anyone with a XCL that came from Chumba with an RP23 have the energy to check how your shock was set up?

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    All RP23's come from Fox that way if they were ordered from Fox as an aftermarket shock. I called Fox a few weeks ago to try to order a medium compression / minimum rebound tune for a customer and the Fox rep told me all of their RP23's were almost always manufactured as maximum compression / medium rebound. The only exception they said was when a bike frame builder (Chumba, Yeti, Titus, whoever) specifically orders a certain tune setup for their shock order. And even then Fox said it had to be a large quantity order for them to even consider doing it.

    In other words for any tuning send your shock to PUSH or TF Tuned or the like.

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