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    Where are my Vassago Bretheren???

    I know there are alot of you out there so post them up! I would love to see some build black label frames and of course your light weight Jabber builds. Fished building mine just before Christmas. Not sure when a new wheelset will appear but that is about the only other mod I am looking at doing at this point. I figure the wheel build I want will shed about a pound which will make me really happy! Current weight as pictured with winter tires and my heavy seat is 21.4. With the summer tires and carbon saddle it brings it down to about 20.25 or so, less if I pull the barends (but I love'm and the keep ending up back on the bike)
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    2013 Optimus Ti

    Here is my new 2013 Optimus Ti. Build this up this past month, and I have to say I love this bike.

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    Here is my Verhauen, just built it up this past weekend. Swapped most of the drivetrain over from my last bike, picked up some Stans Arch EX wheels (needed the 142x12 & 15mm compatibility my other wheels didn't have) and an X-Fusion Slide 29 from Vassago as well. Build went together slick, bike handles so well and geometry is dialed (for me).

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