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  • 01-26-2012
    spencer the kalmyk
    Any By:Stickel owners on the board want to share some pics??? I truly believe in what he is doing... Short chainstay 29ers are the future
  • 02-06-2012
    29" is so last year. 650B is the future, don't you read magazines? Personally, I am holding out for 2014 when "super nimble" 26" wheels become the next best thing.
  • 02-28-2012
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    Originally Posted by spencer the kalmyk View Post
    Any By:Stickel owners on the board want to share some pics??? I truly believe in what he is doing... Short chainstay 29ers are the future

    Here's mine.
  • 10-19-2012

  • 12-06-2012
    If you'd like to learn more about brado1's By:Stickel check his interview article here: bRad Allen's Golden By:Stickel
  • 12-24-2012
    read magazines - buy new stuff!
    Jerry68 post made me laugh. It's crazy how shameless the MTB industry is about convincing riders that their 3 year old "state of the art" bikes and components are now junk. I hope the trend swings back to "ultra nimble" 26 inch single speeds with head shok forks so I can sell my so-equipped by:Stickel frame. I can't get any interest right now and it's too nice to sell for peanuts.

    Next trend: magnesium framed 26 inch hardtails with bar ends, shock posts, and Amp Research leverage forks. Sign me up!
  • 01-05-2013
    I have only had three so far :D
    Love me some 'Stickel! :thumbsup:




  • 11-20-2014
    I'm bringing this thread back from the dead. I just got on the list and I'm pretty damn excited. I was sold on the first email. This will actually be the very first time I've bought a new MTB frame much less a custom one.

    Gotta be some more Stickel owners looking to share their rigs. Need more of a pic collection for ideas!
  • 12-15-2014
    That's good news rusty904- how long is the waiting list? glad he's still making frames
    hopefully soon I can pull the trigger for one. I keep checking his facebook, but nothing new in terms of bikes.
  • 12-15-2014
    Yeah things kind of fell through. Steve had to change shops unexpectedly and said he wasn't sure when he will be up and running again so he returned my deposit. No frames for now. :(
  • 05-06-2015
    By:Stickel Yautja- a Predator themed 27.5 hardtail
    I'm kind of a big dork and very much like the 1987 movie "Predator". Steve was kind enough to indulge my idea and build me a bike that carried the theme of the movie. I have named the model "Yautja", which is the term the predator species use to identify themselves.

    It's not quite finished, as I have some big plans for the decals. I'm just too excited to not share it!

    Let the geeking commence:

    The brake brace is inspired by the Predator's wrist blades.

    The gold bands are inspired by the Predator's dreadlock beads.

    B:S PDTR

    Almost 100% complete... I've got some badge and decal work to do, but this thing is sick! Oh yeah, and it rides very well!
  • 05-06-2015
    Really cool! So Steve is back at it again? Where is he working out of?
  • 05-06-2015
    Thanks! I'm so pleased with it.

    He's still in NC... as mentioned earlier, he had a shop change. I believe he started this project in one shop, and then finished it up in another one.

    Finding a painter and tweaking some details with the build/ badge/ decals was what pushed its completion to now.
  • 07-25-2016
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    was getting bored with my OldStickel and converted it to 27.5 to tickel my stickel pickle.:eekster:

    2 x 5 speed (xtr ti 8spd cogs spaced on dt240 SS hubshell)

    old school thumbies provide the shifty

    dt xr331 rims laced with Aerolite blades

    Enve stem , bar , seatpost. Drilled Fite Ti saddle. Formula brakes/rotors. Ritchey Full Carbon 27.5 rigid fork.

    19.75lbs and 25.5" TT for 6'3 rider. (not a small frame)

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