• 10-20-2014
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    20 Year Anniversary Moots
  • 10-21-2014
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    Rogue YBB
    I'll play
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    Build just finished today. Maiden voyage tomorrow!

    2015 Rogue YBB (18 inch)
    Fox 100mm fork
    XT Drivetrain/Brakes
    DT Swiss XM 1501 Wheelset
    Moots Post
    Moots Stem (on order)
    Nobby Nic Tires
    Fizik Saddle
    Enve XC Bars
    Lizard Skins Grips
    King HS/BB
    25.33 lbs
  • 02-23-2015
    from Salta (Argentina)
  • 03-17-2015
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    Just put my '97 YBB SuperLight back together after having a disc brake tab added to the rear a couple of weeks ago. Added the disc brakes so I can swap to 29'er wheels with cross tires for gravel grinder rides.

    Still my favorite bike of any I've ever owned. Nearing 20k miles on it since I bought it used in '04.

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  • 04-03-2015
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    Mooto-X YBB
    I took it out for the first time today on some dirt roads. The trails are still under snow. So far, I am loving it.

    • 2014 Mooto-X YBB
    • Fox Float 32 100mm tapered fork
    • Full XTR Group
    • Chris King Headset
    • Stans Arch/Chris King Wheels
    • Moots Post
    • Moots Stem
    • Maxxis Ardent Tires
    • Prologo Scratch TS Saddle
    • Enve XC Bars
    • ODI Rogue Grips

    24.8 lbs.
  • 04-04-2015
    Dave Ferris
    ^ Beautiful bike. Congrats. They are always just so classic, yet modern looking.

    I went with a Steve Potts 29er (with Fox 100mm ) after highly considering the Mooto X 29er YBB. Have had the Potts since early Sept. and with today's ride I hit 992 miles on it. Nothing not to love about it, except sometimes I wonder if my 61 yr. old arthritic neck would have been better served with the YBB thingy.

    I'm ok for about the first 90 -100 minutes or so, and then I start feeling it. Here in LA, things are just always really rutted, rocky and dry from the drought. If we have even a a third of an inch of rain , the trails/fireroads are a lot more forgiving for a few weeks. We have some in the forecast for Tuesday , hopefully it'll happen.

    Would love to test ride the Rogue 650B....:cool:
  • 04-07-2015
    I went for the black decals, shock, and mavic wheels. Still need to swap out the seat post, and stem bits for black.
  • 07-18-2015
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    awesome builds.
    :thumbsup:Attachment 1002804gorgeous builds guys. nice work all around.
  • 07-18-2015
    :rolleyes:Has anyone seen the new etching moots is now doing for an additional charge? Looking at building up a Frosthammer Looks amazing.
  • 07-27-2015
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    Put the 29'er gravel grinder wheels on my old 26'er frame last night and got the first ride in this morning. This thing is a ton of fun as a gravel bike, and the cost of conversion was less than $240. I can switch between wheels in under 2 minutes and be back to MTB. Still a great bike at nearly 19 years old.

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  • 07-30-2015
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    Moots Mooto-X YBB 29er 10th Anniversary Limited Edition (Updated 2015)
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    Attachment 1005768

    FRAME: Moots Mooto-X YBB 10th Anniversary Limited Edition (20 inch)
    FORK: Fox 32 Float 29 Fit4 World Championship Limited Edition (15mm QR axle)
    HEADSET: Chris King Hans Rey World Championship Special Edition Wheels4Life Dreadset (1-1/8)
    STEM: Edge Enve Composite and Titanium Weaved/Hardware
    HANDLEBAR: Edge Enve Composite
    GRIPS: Oury (clamp-on) and The Shadow Conspiracy (bar ends)
    BRAKESET: Shimano XTR Trail
    SHIFTERS: Shimano XTR (11 speed)
    FRONT DERAILLEUR: Shimano XTR (Triple)
    REAR DERAILLEUR: Shimano XTR (11 speed)
    CASSETTE: Shimano XTR (11 speed) & 45T OneUp Components
    CRANKSET: Shimano XTR M9000 (Triple)
    CHAIN: Shimano XTR
    PEDALS: Shimano XTR
    SADDLE: Prologo Nago EVO X10 Nack (Titanium and Carbon)
    SEATPOST: Moots Cinch Titanium Layback
    WHEELSET: ENVE XC, Chris King Components Hubs, DT Swiss Aero Spokes
    TIRES: Onza Canis Skinwalls and Stan's NoTubes Kit
  • 07-30-2015
    Hard to see the pic with the light behind it, why did you go with a 3x crank,plus the 45t cog? you have an 11-45? and how did you fit an xtr11sp and the 45t cog onto the freehub? What was wrong with the 42t on the xtr11?

    Can you past up a bettter pic of all that Envy?

  • 07-30-2015
    Hello SBSBIKER. I've always ran a triple chainring, primarily because this is my only bike and since there are sections on my daily trail that have miles of flat singletrack that I can put that 40T to great use. In the past few years, with the start of the XTR M970 and M980, I've been running the Q-rings from RotorUSA and a custom 42T cog in the rear that have worked wonders for me on steeper climbs. To actually combine a 42T and a granny in the front have really helped me climb sections that I have never been able to on a 1X or 2X drivetrain. I've actually built the Moots up with 1X and 2X systems before, and even though their was a great weight benefit, I always felt the need for the two extreme gears especially for my style of riding....and so I went back to the triple and now custom 45T cog setup for the M9000.

    (NOTE: By the way, the XTR M9000 only have 11-40T cassette, I believe SRAM has the 10-42T cassette)

    As for the ENVE components, I actually have the "EDGE" edition of ENVE, which was before they had to change their brand due to brand infringement issues in Europe. I've been a huge fan of ENVE/EDGE Components since the beginning, and my ENVE wheels are now nearly 6 years old with at least 100-miles on them weekly, which says a lot about a product! I do all of my bike maintenance on my own, it saves on the labor cost and it also keeps me "in tuned" with my bike; the only company I outsource to is PUSH Industries to tune my forks every 18-24 months. But other than that, the bike is a beautiful classic and meticulously engineered to be the best bike I've ever ridden and/or owned.

    You are definitely not the first person to find my bike setup to be a bit unique to say the least, but trust me, I've tried a lot of products in the past and what you see on my bike now is what had worked out for me on the type of riding that I do. Hope that explains a bit about the build and shoot me more questions if you have any! Thanks.
  • 07-31-2015
    I can spin at 2mph uphill on the 2x11 setup i have on my Moot-o, that 3x11, w/ a 45t should allow you to crawl at speed below measurement. Does time stand still when you shift into that range? Can you return to the past if you stay in that gear too long? I've been looking for something to extend my rides, maybe a 45t would allow me to get in a big ride and return home before i left.

    Jokes aide, I love my M9000 2x11, the low gear helps lots at the top of a steep climb where the air might be too thin for power production.

    A better pic would be nice. Enjoy the ride!
  • 07-31-2015
    Hello SBSBIKER. LMAO!! The 45T and granny combination might sound trivial, but it has taken me up some long, steep, climbs that I was never able to mount with a single or double system. I think before you laugh it off, you should try it out...especially with the two-by setup that you have, it should help tremendously on not just steep sections but also when you are winded from an epic ride. I was also a skeptic at first, but it really surprised me when I saw how well it worked. Now I just wish someone would make a 42T chainring with a 96BCD...I believe RotorUSA is currently developing larger rings for the M9000 and releasing it in the Fall of 2015. In any case, I hope you get a chance to try out a 45T and see if it works out with your "flow". Thanks!
  • 08-03-2015
    I scoff, but really do understand. This weekend I did the Laramie Enduro, the final climb has always been a problem after 66miles, my 2x11 w/ the 26x42 let me keep moving up places where before I walked. Esp with the 29 wheel, gears are your friends!
  • 08-04-2015

    Originally Posted by sbsbiker View Post
    I scoff, but really do understand. This weekend I did the Laramie Enduro, the final climb has always been a problem after 66miles, my 2x11 w/ the 26x42 let me keep moving up places where before I walked. Esp with the 29 wheel, gears are your friends!

    The last couple of times I raced the Laramie Enduro I still had to walk up part of Headquarters Hill, even with my 22x32. That top part has some technical parts which break your momentum (and spirit by that point in the race).
  • 09-25-2015
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  • 11-02-2015
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    Moots Frosthammer
    Just an amazing bike. 2 weeks owned. Cant stay off of it. Beautiful, fun, perfect.Attachment 1026191
  • 05-30-2017