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    Pics/Vids from Chumba Demo Day. Pacifica, CA

    So Walter Grieves from Chumba Racing drove up from Anaheim for the premier of NWD9 which was thrown by SF Dirtlab at Chrome HQ in San Francisco. With him, he brought along an F5, XCL, VF2 and HX1. Chumba also threw down an Evo frame for the raffle to help raise funds and benefit the bike park project which is going on right now in SF. Felt really cool as i finally got to meet Walter in person. Dude is chill

    Anyways, came Sunday. It was a good day indeed. Took Bart to SF and Walter was so cool to pick me up from Bart. We headed over to Pacifica and setup right on Higgins street... Busy indeed. Quite a few people came and said hi and demoed the bikes. All those who had had a huge grin on their faces and how it was like cheating... XD Everyone had a good time and more and more people came to find how riding a Chumba really felt... Anyways, here are some pics and vids from the day...

    I got to test ride the HX1 and i loved it. The geometry was spot on. Railed the corners amazing and jumped like a champ. It felt solid in between my legs and rode pretty smooth for a hardtail... I pretty much just jumped on the bike, did a warm up run and then started doing the bigger dobules. Kinda makes you question, what cant this bike do???

    The guys testing out the Chumba F5... Was amazing to see how comfortable they were and how quickly they adapted to the bike... TomMunka felt so at home with it that he did the Career Ender on it (35 foot step down). Those who rode it loved it... Tom just bought himself an F5 the next day and 2 other guys are trying to sell their current rigs as we speak...

    Didnt really take pics of the VF2 and the XCL... but one of the guys who rode the XCL is also putting in an order. Amazing what a simple demo can do eh?? XD

    No one really rode the VF2 as the terrain seemed a bit gnarly for it but i did air it out on some doubles... Should've gotten some pics though... That bike pedalled very very well and felt hella solid. Climbing was a joke to it at 26lbs with a heavy build... lols

    All in all a good day indeed... Thanks to Walter for driving up all the way up here and supporting the mtb community while giving us the opportunity to ride a Chumba... Cant wait to see what else is in store as Chumba is indeed growing very very fast...
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    Awesome to hear - thanks for the report!
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    Nice stuff... now thats customer service!!!! That Pacifica trails looks pretty extreme... i'll take a peek one of these days...

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    Sounds like a sweet weekend, Mr. Munka has come a long way in a year.
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    Last Demo Day with 1/5 the Bikes

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