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Thread: Ghost Bikes

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    Ghost Bikes

    Curious to hear anything about Ghost Bikes.


    Mostly a European brand, but with availability in MEC for Canada (and strong rumors of entering the USA for 2015), there should be a few people out riding them.

    I am especially interested in the Riot link, and how it works for pedaling efficiency.

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    I have ridden pretty much exclusively Ghost hardtails my whole mtbing life. I only started riding 6 years ago or so, you see...

    Ive owned a 2002SE, a 2000SE and now own an HTX Lector 5800. Used them on some longish mtb marathons here in Norway (Birkebeinerrittet, Raumerrittet etc...). Some quite gnarly rocky sections, some asphalt, some gravel (good and bad) and I really cant complain. Its cool,that they are finally being sold globally, too!

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