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Thread: fetish cycles

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    Ha! I built a new bike in 2005 and couldn't decide on the frame. I wanted an aluminum HT because that's all I'd ever ridden. So instead of waiting to decide, I bought a "temporary" frame -- a Fetish Discipline -- off eBay and built it up with XT, BB7s, Mavic 717 wheels, Thompson seatpost...etc.

    That temporary frame is still what I'm riding today (OK, I did stop riding from 2006 to November of 2012 but you get the point). Here's the bike the day I got it built. I haven't changed a thing since.

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    A lot of nice looking Fetish bicycles in this thread. I own a Fetish Sin that I picked up from CL a couple of years ago. I love the geometry and its versatility. It's a poor man's Chameleon. Purchased the frame and stripped parts from my Gemini to build it.
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    fetish cycles-941691_580646558654232_567944251_n.jpg
    fetish cycles-248189_573036429415245_1653865570_n.jpg
    "You don't need a lighter bike, you need bigger muscles"

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    2004 d&s

    fetish cycles-img_20140805_121947_187.jpg

    Built this 10 years ago. Stopped riding and just got back into it recently.

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    Re: fetish cycles

    Holy thread resurrection...

    I just picked up an Anthem X29 so this baby's up for sale. Built it up 8 years ago and rode the hell out of it. It's never let me down.

    fetish cycles-uploadfromtaptalk1407256188486.jpg

    Fetish Cycles is dead, long live Fetish Cycles

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    Quote Originally Posted by daorbed9 View Post
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Built this 10 years ago. Stopped riding and just got back into it recently.
    I had that frame about ten years ago. It was a great ride. It lasted me all of 6-7 months before the frame cracked on the driveside chainstay. Fetish promised they would warranty the frame when their next batch of frames arrived, but they never did.

    Fetish only gave me empty promises and lies.
    You cannot go against nature, because when you do, its part of nature too.

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    Yeah I never expected to use it for too long. I got a great deal on it with a shock and headset. I basically got it for $50. I am going to use it while I get back in riding shape while I figure out what frame I want to get. So many changes in the industry since I've been gone. I really have my eye on a Strong but I don't know if I can justify the expense until I prove I'm going to stay with it. I'm trying to set goals that I reward myself with new hardware. I have tons in carts waiting to buy haha. I really hope it doesn't have any issues before then. I don't think I can do the riding I did 10 years ago however so I doubt I'll have an issue.

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    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails fetish cycles-retrograde-shoreline.jpg  

    Retrograde Customs

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