I've had my Sola for about 8 years now and love it. Trouble is, since I got my Asylum 29" I really don't ride it anymore. I have the blueprint here somewhere, but it has a 24.5" top tube, 14" seat tube, 16.5" chainstay, and oversize (ran a Lefty) head tube currently with reduction cups and a Reba 29 on front. Long, low and mean before Sinister/Evil came out with their stuff. Its based on my old Spooky Darkside/Cannondale CAAD 4 race frame geometry and weight.

I have debated buying a Black Sheep mustache for it and riding it in the winter, but I can't stand clutter and the pile of perfectly good parts, etc is starting to drive me nuts. If there is any interest I would sell the pile; Frame, newly rebuilt Reba, 2 sets of Martas, Hugi 240 wheels with Stans rims, etc,etc.

Either talk me out of it, or make and offer/refer me to a place other than the losers on ebay. I have pics, but we all know what a Ti Seven looks like, so unless you really need to see them......Oh yeah, no cracks, replaced tubes etc, but I think it has a ding from a rock on the underside of the downtube. Don't need the money and know what they go for new, so make me a fair offer for cash or cool trade.