• 11-12-2012
    Trumbull >> North Bridge is closed!
    You can Fuggedabot Coming in from Whitney... :yikes:

    The North Bridge is completely messed up - it has gotten more twisted and turned since last week. DEEP put up the yellow tape...
  • 12-04-2012
    Any idea about fixing it?
  • 12-07-2012
    Not yet - awaiting a response from the Municipal Folk... I believe it was built by the Boy Scouts a few years ago with Pro help. I was hoping they would surface by now and--thru the pride of their work--step up to the plate...
  • 12-15-2012
    Trumbull's Natural Resources Meeting - Tues. Dec 18th

    If you have an interest in Trumbull (a.k.a. Pequonnock Valley), please attend this meeting. You can get a sense of what's going on and, better yet ... voice your concern about the Valley and the status of the North Bridge (a.k.a. Coyote Crossing), it is in jeopardy. THANK YOU

    Commission meeting centers on Trumbull's natural resources | Acorn-Online.com
  • 12-24-2012
    Who cut the tree down at the bridge?