• 12-11-2012
    Sundays at Trumbull: Early Morning Rides
    Started riding a lot more lately and a friend and I have been riding Trumbull on Sunday mornings. Meeting at the commuter lot around 7:15/7:30 and getting in a short 1.5 hours.

    Feel free to join. I'll be the tall guy on the red SS chameleon.
  • 01-09-2013
    Still doing them. 7:30ish, due to sunrise and all. pm me if interested. Rides have been 2 loops. approx.

    Up for Sat rides elsewhere, too...
  • 01-10-2013
    riding ability ?
  • 01-11-2013
    Cycle Snack
    What are conditions like at Trumbull right now?
  • 01-11-2013
    Conditions have been varied, but totally ride-able. avoid anywhere you gotta drag a tire since it is on the wet side and the place has eroded enough, but the earlier rides are good since the snow is crunchy and fast rather than sloshy and mushy and muddy.

    the rides are intermediatish, but totally friendly and accepting. i mean, there are two of us these days, but if more join we'll let the pace figure itself out. i'm on a SS geared 34x18 and don't walk too much and the other couple that join are on geared xc bikes. everyone has years of riding experience, but we are less concerned with overall speed for this particular ride. the concentration is more in just going out and riding. obstacles are not avoided, but the big ones are not ridden (the monster for ex).

    its winter. its for fun. come join if you want. dont if you don't, or nod or say hey if you are on the trail and cross paths. we'll be there around 7.30. I'm Mike.
  • 01-18-2013
    This Sunday again... 7:3--40.