Town of lyme has not only added the many miles with the new southern section of Hartman, but have been working with many people including myself and other bikers to reroute around troubled spots as well as close some of the heavier erosion braids.

We re-routed the red trail just north of the field,.. it now cuts west right at the stone wall and follows the cliffs just 30 feet up the slope for like 1/4 mile. the original trail was very muddy in that section and had other eco issues, It was getting wider and wider as people choose routes around, plus the mud was getting rutted more and more as it was walked/ridden over. Problem is people keep taking the blocking out of the old section..

also there is a down hill section that was actually a braid that people have been following on the northern section of the red trail. this has been closed and the original trail cleaned up, opened up and marked properly. again someone keeps breaking thro the blocking of the braid so they can ride the down hill section. this is a VERY badly eroded section and was closed for a reason!! We completely covered the section with deadfall and downed trees and someone went thru and must have spent hours clearing it again.. If you know anyone riding there please tell them these areas are closed for a reason, by the property managers....

We've been working hard to get a better image of MTB with the town of Lyme, the conservation Org's and such in the area and these little BS acts are making it very hard to keep a positive light on us as a group.... It's hard to say it's not MTBers when there is heavy tire tracks in the closed sections..