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  • 07-22-2013
    I've not ridden here in about 10 years.

    Are the maps on the DEEP site reasonably accurate and are the trails marked as per the map?

    The only thing i really remember is getting lost because nothing was marked.
  • 07-23-2013
    This is by far the most accurate map of Pachaug. Pachaug State Forest*|*Great Swamp Press I'm pretty sure the NBX is Warwick (the old Casters) has them in stock. There's some awesome riding in Pachaug if you know where to look. That said, Pachaug can be a great ride or a miserable ride depending on the route you take. Pretty much the best riding is between Mt. Misery and the Hell Hollow pond area. Hellow Hollow Pond is a good place to park. I'll see if I can find a good GPS loop and I'll post it up. There's also some good riding around the Green Fall Pond area. Park at Beach Pond in Arcadia and link the trails south of Beach pond to the Pachaug Trail (Blue), Narragansett Trail and Tippecansett north of Yawgoog.
  • 07-29-2013
    Me and a friend did some exploring yesterday with a easy 14 mile ride. Parked at Hell Hollow and rode the Blue trail south. The section along the brook is unrideable for about 1/2 mile. We followed some horse trails and fire roads until we got to Mt. Misery and then kind of back tracked with some off shoot trails.

    For a first ride it was enjoyable and worth another couple of times to explore it more.

    Thanks for the advise J!