Bumping this.

Through my activity with Cape Cod NEMBA I've made contact with NWCT NEMBA. They are looking to expand. I'm looking for any interested folk who can help that. My crew wants to remain largely out of the picture. And besides, NEMBA is looking at different places. The big 3 to start are probably Tunxis, People's/American Legion, and Burr/Paugnut.

I know there is riding in the first and last area. Burr/Paugnut, from what I hear, has a semi-good scene going on, but those in that scene may be like my crew and want to remain beyond the borders of NEMBA. While there is riding there, from what I know, its largely illegal.

I know Tunxis has riding as I've done it. But I don't know the trails, I was always led and it was only a few rides. From what I know People's/AL is mainly a hiking only forest, but there is possibly to expand/legitimize.

If you ride these areas, live in these areas, know people who ride these areas, and want to be a part of your community and see MTB expand in the NW CT corner please contact me.

Even if you want to contact me and say "Go f$%& yourself and take your NEMBA with you", please do. Like I said, my best friends said the same thing. This is as much about gauging local interest as it is to gauge trails. Yes, I may try to steer you to the dark side, but just be honest.

Any and all help is appreciated.