Hi! My name is Jeff & I’m Vice President of WNYMBA, the Western New York Mountain Bicycling Association.

I’m hoping that you (and everyone you know) might be able to support WNYMBA’s bid for a $33K “BellBuilt” grant … in fact, I’m pretty much BEGGING here. At stake is an epic flow trail that will welcome all riders, kids and adults alike – please help us get it built!

If you have any connection to the Western NY area or the northeast... or just want to help a great club win this grant, we would greatly appreciate your support.

You can vote once per email address, so if you are like me and have multiple email accounts, please vote once from each address. Our project is titled “Holiday Valley Ski Resort Trail” on the Bell Built Site

Help support the Northeast and vote for the Holiday Valley Flow Trail. Then come join us and ride it once we win!

Jeff Smith - Vice President – WNYMBA